Chris has been involved in many customer and internal projects including conference management, inventory tracking systems, lighting control systems. Current projects include consultation work for a music/video platform

Past Projects

CorOhKnow React-Native App

A test app built in April 2020 when South Africa was hit with its first hard lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

CorOhKnow was to be a portal for lockdown information providing citizens with current stats, health information and information about the current restrictions in each district.

The app unfortunately was unable to be submitted to the Play Store and has since been discontinued

Built With: React-Native, Typescript, Mobx, Firebase

Corohknow App

CheckedIn Progressive Web App

A web-app for tracking patron and staff entry onto business premesis in order to comply with the regulations in South Africa during the Coronavirus pandemic. CheckedIn provided a way to side-step tedious data entry with a simple, QR-code based scanning solution to enter symptom and contact details for contract tracing.

Behind the scenes it was powered by a MySQL/Python/Flask stack in a Docker Swarm run on Digital Ocean

Ultimately it was discontinued due to the emergence of the offical government-backed contract tracing app.

Built With: React, Material-UI, Typescript, Mobx, Firebase, Python, Flask, Traefik, MySQL


Feuerwerk Ignite Software

Feuerwerk Ignite is a pyrotechnic show controller software built with Python and Gtk. It manages the firing of various devices over network protocols such as RS-485. Designed primarily for indoor theatrical events it incoporates a touch-screen based interface, one-shot and cue stack operations, continuity checks and a multiprocessing protocol-buffer based control API.

The goal for Ignite was to provide common software that could be used between a variety of firing devices and/or protocols.

Currently not in active development, Ignite is considered beta quality and works using Merlin Match hardware.

Built With: Python, Gtk, Protocol Buffers, MIDI